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Can you please tell us about it? Anything you feel will be extremely appreciated by anyone and everyone who will suffer a death... which is all of us. Pardon me if this is intrusive. I feel like it’s important to hear the end of Lily’s story too.

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Thank you for letting us hear these incredibly beautiful and important moments. I’m so sorry for your loss and I thank you again for your bravery in sharing with strangers. Peace be with you and your family.

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I'm being totally honest here, I don't know anything about religion; but I can't understand why burying someone who gave an organ would be any less "proper"(?) than burying someone who for example had to have their tonsils out. I suppose I could understand that someone wouldn't be comfortable with a person removing their loved one's organs post mortem. But, I would say it's more of a selfish thing to bury the person "whole" when you know that there are people like OP out there. *This is just a personal opinion. I'm interested in hearing what religious reasons people might have. Please only reply to me if you want to have a non heated conversation.

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Thanks for replying and being polite! I only see one problem with the theory you gave. Would these people think that the resurrection of Jesus would put back together the bodies of those buried so long ago that they're pretty much dust? I guess if it's divine power, then yes...

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Thanks for your reply and for being so polite! I'm confused as to why people have open casket funerals at all. I suppose I understand saying one's last goodbyes... But it's just confusingly superficial to me. The person who you cared about is no longer in that body (the soul), so why say goodbye to it in a very saddening way? Not asking for any explanation for this one... I'm certain that it would be for the purpose of honoring the person. But I don't think I'll ever get my head around open casket funerals. PS - After further reflection I'm thinking that this practice dates back to before caskets had attached lids. It's certainly an odd tradition to uphold!