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They will need more funding soon. Shelters almost always need money and donations. 42k is INCREDIBLE but there will always be more animals in need. And even if that covers them for the year, they could always use the “extra” for a clinic or free spay/neuter for TNR folks.

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The Principal Exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration has five exceptions to the things witches and wizards in HP can conjure. The only one explicitly stated is food, but it's implied that money is another. Otherwise, as you said, everyone would conjure or duplicate money thus flooding the wizarding markets and causing mass deflation. Jo discussed that here. Also, the replication spell is never ending so how would 1) you escape from all those galleons and 2) have a place large enough to store them? Not to mention when you went to grab one it would just keep replicating. Not very practical.

But I totally agree that Harry Potter should be a bigger contender. Or the Malfoys. They have a ton of money, huge amount of lands, and access to lots of valuable dark arts objects. I doubt the fall of Voldemort affected their net worth since they come from old money, however the loss of connections could hurt future earnings.