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ihaveacrushonmercy55 karma

Hi, I have a question that will probably sound insensitive, but it really is not intended for it to come across that way, which is:

What's the difference between a man feeling like they are a woman and a man who has feelings and thoughts that are normally attributed to the female archetype?

Also, how much of this needing to change genders has to do with the dislike or dysphoria of one's genitalia?

Thank you for doing this AMA

ihaveacrushonmercy7 karma

It does help. So from what I understand, the human anatomy that is associated with a male or female body doesn't have anything to do with gender identity.

Do you think a lot of the confusion that comes with trans is the wording and definitions? I think it's so unfortunate that these people are already dealing with enough drama as it is, but yet also have to deal with people not knowing definitions to words.

Edit: For example, do you think it would be more helpful to say "This man identifies with the label of a woman" rather than "This man is a woman"?