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Why is mental health care so expensive? How can the poor receive mental health care? It seems like mental health is a luxury only for the wealthy or those with expendable income.

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Why are orchestras mostly white and Asian?

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Hi David! We've met at the Masterworks Festival once or twice when you came for a masterclass. Couple questions:

1) what advice do you have for those of us struggling in the audition circuits? It's increasingly discouraging, and there's the fear that we will just have to change careers even after getting a BM and MM.

2) what can orchestras do to improve diversity on stage? Latinx and black musicians are severely underrepresented on stage. Do blind auditions help? Or do blind auditions put those who couldn't afford high quality music lessons and equipment as a child at a disadvantage? Is it more important to hire a musician that fits the orchestra's sound perfectly, or to hire a musician of high enough skill that represents a more diverse demographic? I worry that if young audiences don't see someone of their color playing on stage, then they will assume that it's just not for them.

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Yes, well spoken thank you. What are you and the Indianapolis Symphony doing to serve all ethnic groups? If the professionals on stage were more diverse, would this inspire younger listeners from diverse demographics to participate in classical music? And if that's the case, why don't orchestras diversify their musicians more?

Is it more important to accept the best possible musician in auditions, regardless of race or sex, or is it more important to have diversity represented on stage even if it means not accepting the "best" musician? Should there be affirmative action in the audition process?