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I don`t know if this will get buried or not. But I can relate, in a sense. I know what it feels like to grow under a parent ( or parents) who can not conceive the possibility that they might be wrong. To live under a crushing self-righteousness that doesnt bend and instead has you grow up bending emotionally to accomodate it. It took me years to come to terms with the fact that " hey, I might not have been wrong after all, they were" , but even so it is hard to look upon the face of the person who for the bigger part of your life was the equivalent of a God and really believe they are wrong, not you. Not just that, but to live with a resentment that would die so quickly with a simple apology, that tragically, is unlikely to come. What I mean to say is this: your father is wrong. He is wrong. He is wrong. He is wrong. You didnt deserve that. He is wrong. Let it sink in. He is wrong. Even if the whole world cant convince him of it, he is wrong. Believe it. Good luck with your life.

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With all due respect sir, words are just words. Do you have a history of civil service? Leadership? What in your past gives credence to your intentions? Why should you be trusted?

That would be a good start.

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I can't believe this! I've been reading your novels since I was 12, I'm 27 now. Huge HUGE fan of your work here in my teenage years. I won Bastion of Darkness in a raffle and loved it, then got into your Forgotten Realms work and , like most others, became a huge fan. It brought real magic into my adolescence, thank you very much!

Since I might never get a chance to say this ever again I might as well go through a tiny list:

  • Loved Entreri / Jarlaxle.
  • Drizzt as a "chosen" of Lolth... genius. Made me go "oh hell no" then immediately "oh hell yes". Very well throught out/ written plot development!

Questions you might get every day but well, when will I get a chance to ask them again? Forgive me in advance, but:

  • Jarlaxle / Zak novel. Any hope?
  • Plans for the post-"leap ahead" novels? Any concrete ideas?

As for Amalur:

  • How deep do you intend to explore and novelize this world?

And finally:

  • With LOTR such a success, Game of Thrones a major HBO hit and The Hobbit coming up, how are we on an RA Salvatore penned screenplay?

Big fan here, you're the best. I didn't know about this new game you helped develop, but since it's you, and since you took the time to come here and introduce it to us, I'll take the time to buy it.


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Well, Im still angry, but who isnt? There`s deadbeat dads and crackhead moms who leave dumpster babies and whatnot. Compared to them , we got it easy. Not that crackhead moms are the measuring stick we should rate our parents by,but I strive to exercise gratitude instead of breeding resentment. Correct me if Im wrong, but I feel that youre not doing this to punish your dad. Youre doing this because it was an effort to rally a chorus that would perhaps show him he is wrong. And what you wants isnt to break him, or humiliate him, its for him to see that this is wrong, to apologize sincerely, and to change his ways. I also think you hate that it got this far, and you hate that this is likely pushing him farther and farther away, because I dont think this was your intention at all. I think what you want the most is to forgive him, but first he has to apologize and change. I think youre dying to forgive him for all the shit he has done and to be ok with him again. Well, for your own emotional sanity I think you might have to come to terms with the fact that your father might never think he is wrong, and never apologize. You apologized to him at the courtroom. Sure you did. Because you didnt want to hurt him? And because his steel-like resolve broke your certainty. You want things to be ok. Well, bending might not do it. Breaking wont do it either. You might, just might, have to learn to believe that you are RIGHT even if he doesnt think so, and accept the fact this is a wedge that YOUR initiative cant repair because youre not responsible for it to begin with. A therapist is a good first step in learning to believe inside that this isnt your fault, you dont deserve this, you did the right thing for the right reason and he is wrong. It hurts, and its not the happy ending anyone wants for their family. But..... its either that or let the splinter of his disgust and disapproval ruin your self-esteem for the rest of your life. Dont allow that to happen.

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It is not just cynicism in regard to your character, although that is definitely important. It is also about whether or not you are capable of political articulation, whether you understand the legislative process, and whether you can lead. The road to hell is paved with good intentions: just ask Jimmy Carter. And if you are qualified, and you do have good intentions, the one last thing remains: are you a man of moral fiber? Do you have guts? Do you have balls? Or are you a slick, eager-to-please, double-faced wishy washy son of a gun?

Show it.