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iero_is_my_hero116 karma

I don't have a question, I'd just like to say that the description of your book was adorable. It made my day 100 times better.

iero_is_my_hero99 karma

Pizza. Definitely pizza.

iero_is_my_hero8 karma

I mean, whatever you're into. I prefer pepperoni, but I assume you can purée any topping other than like onions. Onions should never go on pizza.

iero_is_my_hero8 karma

Well, I mean, it kinda is. But you could like re-purée the puréed meat so that it's even more puréed. I assume it would taste like heaven in the form of a liquid though.

iero_is_my_hero6 karma

I don't quite think that's healthy, but hey, if The Matrix is involved, I'm in.