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Why was everyone depressed on Beverly Hills Ninja? Was there some event I'm missing or was everyone coincidently battling their own demons?

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thank you. that's so sad.

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I volunteered for a few months for the HALO Trust in Cambodia. I absolutely loved my time there. One of the things I'd hear from more seasoned people there is that Cambodia was one of the better assignments because at least people weren't like...trying to re-plant land mines or do other messed up stuff to keep aid money flowing. What they said they liked about EOD instead of something like battling disease is that "land mines don't reproduce. once they're gone, they're gone. it's a solvable problem".

What do you think the biggest obstacle to land mine clearance in former combat zones is?

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In the end, it turns out the ravioli died a long time ago and Robin has sort of taken the ravioli's place for the last decade or so

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What's important here is that it's in the past tense. He probably think they're funny now, which is good.

We have to remember, Tina Fey did a lot for female comedians of today.