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in the podcast 'ear hustle' which is dope, they talk about racial segregation as just default. The exception, if I remember correctly, being the inmates who play the game DND. Are there programs or efforts to encourage racial integration, or is it just a matter of course?

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I hate to say it but both are parasitic. There is not much difference between million people in cruise ships flooding tiny Skakway Alaska to buy gold trinckets, to disaster tourism or ngo-ing in the Congo holed up in gated compounds, or darting around thailand by train. Fundamentally wether you take in an ounce of culture or a pound it seems, and being contrarian here to make a wider point, it is really hard to uncouple narcissistic consumption which a. ruins local culture through commodification b. ruins the planet through fossil fuel usage and c. fuels this self congratulatory flatulation of "look at how cultured I am".

Obviously you can make wonderful and lifelong personal connections while travelling. But never the less the bigger picture would seem to point to leisure travel as parasitic.

edit: im not entirely confident about this argument as some places would be far worse without the millions in tourism. But it seems possible that a small town who is suffering and yet does not let the hordes come invading may fares better than the small town that does.