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Hi Sagan!! Huge fan of all of your work, keep it up! The only reason I still have an instagram is to follow your art haha

My question for you is: have you seen this 3D Glass Printer designed at MIT? What are your thoughts of incorporating technology into the glassblowing art form?

3D Glass Printer

idoitfortheratchets3 karma

Thank you so much! just dm'd you!

idoitfortheratchets3 karma

I meant how he felt about others incorporating the printer into their designs, not strictly using the 3D printer alone. Maybe it could help develop more intricate designs that wouldn't be possible by the traditional methods. It could really change what type of glass we see in the future. I have no idea how it could work, just thought i'd ask my favorite glassblower what he thought about it. The video is cool too :)