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How often is your store able to restock stuff like bottled water, toilet paper, paper towels? I understand supplies are a nightmare right now. I've been trying to buy paper towels from my local Costco for 2 weeks now, not because I'm trying to stock up, but because our apartment actually needs paper towels because we ran out and I kept putting off going to Costco because I'm one of those nutjobs that kept thinking "it won't get that bad" "people are just hoarding" and "people who are hoarding are crazy" but now... joke's on me I guess.

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Gotcha, thanks for the reply and stay safe!

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As an employee at Domino's, Costco pizza is amazing for the price. What's your secret? wink wink

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Ha! Sydney Cole attends, or maybe attended, the same college I'm in last year. I didn't know here but I recognized her because, ahem.