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What's the solution if your partner does something you're not okay with being done, but they like doing it?

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Thank you for the answer!

Follow up question: I've already talked to her, she said that what she's doing is who she is and that I'm being controlling by asking politely to make a compromise and tone it down a bit.

What's my best bet?

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Hi Mr Seo! I have three short questions:

Firstly - how would you know if the sources you pull your points from are valid? For example, if the debate topic is something scientific, how would you differentiate science from pseudoscience/fake science articles?

Secondly, how do you overcome moral dilemmas? Is there ever a right answer to questions such as veganism?

Thirdly, what would you recommend to someone looking to generally improve their debating skills? I get that it's necessary to do research on the other side of the argument in order to understand them and debate them better, but is there anything else you'd recommend?

Thank you very much!

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Where are you from?

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Мој брат!! Како је у Кини?