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There is a big difference between South Koreans and North Koreans. They haven't been separated long enough for genetics to be a bigger factor than malnutrition.

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I have fond childhood memories of watching the original Mr. Bean episodes with my family. Thank you!

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Food is essentially the same as regular Korean food, but apparently because of procurement issues, is of incredibly poor quality. Though it is served in large quantities. After a couple days, any snacks brought from home taste like mana from heaven. North Korean beer is pretty good though.

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How do you measure a block hour? Say a plane pushes back and then is directed by ground control to sit on the ground for an hour. Does it cost the customer an extra $5-15k for the plane to sit there with engines off for the hour?

Also, how much of a difference does the cost of fuel make to your bottom line? Seems like old planes like DC-10, MD-11, 727 are still in use as cargo planes, while passenger airlines don't really fly those anymore.

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You still need to do a residency to be a doctor in the US. I am an attending in a major academic hospital and I have never heard of any of our residency programs interviewing anyone who didn't formally go to medical school. By not going to medical school you are really, really limiting yourself.

Most medical schools now provide recordings of the lectures, so you can approximate independent study. Many medical students watch the lectures on their own schedule and do just fine on the exams. But medical school is not about independence - it's about rote memorizing a huge amount of material and learning The Right Way to do things, and following the rigid hierarchy of medicine.

Were I a residency director I would be extremely skeptical of someone who is unable to make themselves tolerate something as low-stress as a classroom. Perhaps that's not fair, but that's the situation on the ground.