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Fun fact when I played Prince of Persia: I only had a CGA video card back when this game was released (I was around 11) so if anyone's played it, they know that red potions hurt, cool. Except I couldn't see the difference between potions on my 4 colour display, so I had to memorize every single potion in the entire game.

Anyways, thanks for an amazing childhood Jordan 👍

I'm going to check out your behind the scenes video, but I had a question: how many lines of code was OG POP, and how long did it take to complete development?

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To answer your question from the perspective of someone who works on set, filming these shows along with these actors: we take extra precautions for safety on set (masks, sanitizer, PPE), and we try to protect our actors the most. As for how it will change.. truly, I don't think it will. As long as cast, BG, and crew are testing negative 2/3 times a week, the filming doesn't get affected. For example, our provincial government is allowing us to shoot through lockdown because of how well productions have been handling the spread. So stay tuned for more of your favourite shows :)

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Why is being delusional so acceptable in society? Why do we not treat religion like a mental disorder? Why is it so common?