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Thank you so much for your work!

Many of us here on Reddit have learned from bad experiences and exposures to remain skeptical of many organizations soliciting donations for crisis victims. Far too often these "organizations" are just curve-toothed money leeches that give little-to-none of the donations to the victims and absorb funds into "administrative costs."

What organizations would you endorse for donations, and are there any well-known organizations you would advise us to be wary of?


idgawomp2 karma

Simon! I respect and adore your music and your outlook on the universe. Thank you so much! My dear friend Karma Jane speaks so highly of you and the insight you provide.

I've gotta ask... what inspired you to create the psyche-tribal soundscapes that you create? Was there a singular experience that moved you to move others through this style, or is it simply the sound that resonates most profoundly in your soul?

I really hope that my check deposits and I get to come see you, and Beats, tomorrow night in DC!