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Ok, sorry for asking such a basic question, but if they really do experience orgasm, it has to be a very confusing time. I understand that it's rape, no question, but I feel that it has to be a lot more complex -- how do women deal with it?

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I just want to say how exciting it is that you've made it this far. As a 53-year old man, who's suffering from a major stroke as of 3 years ago; not even speaking for six months, essentially having to start everything from scratch, you inspire me. Each morning I wake up renewed, and ready to get busy, and it's folks like you and what you've accomplished that re-invigorate me.

Do you think that you have to look deep inside, and really determine for yourself what you will accomplish, positive or negative, or is it something different, something external?

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I just want to say it's such a pleasure, a genuine pleasure to meet you, and be "across the table" from you without leaving my living room... What do you think is the most surprising thing about being your age, and online now, after all this time? Is it any different at your age than being 5 years old?

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I am married into a Taiwanese family (9 kids, all very different.. I'm married to the 7th one, 53 years old, now in Irvine, but still goes back every couple of years). I just want to offer my congratulations, and I want to help if I can. What can I do here in the States?

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And I just want to echo the same thing -- you are right, and so is Edward Snowden -- you're both fighting the good fight, and we applaud you. Is there anything that WE can do?