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What a coincidence! Another fellow Idahoan. I was surprised when I opened this, because I too worked at Sports Authority at this exact location back in 2009. Loved working there honestly. You know something funny? I saw Greg at a baseball game about 1 month before the bankruptcy was announced and I had heard that SA was having problems so I asked him if he was worried. He told me absolutely not and that his job was safe and that SA location was the top grossing in the region and then one month later and bam! Bankruptcy!

I hated selling the warranty plans there, absolute garbage, and think that and the managers at stores is why they went out of business. Idk about now but when I worked there, there were 4 managers plus head store manager, when realistically they would be fine with 3.

Becca is the only other person in the picture besides Greg that was there when I worked there. The rest are all new faces. Good luck to your future employment and school.

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I clicked the link, just noticed you have the Nintendo Switch listed at $200 so I clicked to buy it because that's a steal but the page it takes you to is on Amazon and it's listed at $300.

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Hey Tim! Read your books, love the podcasts (especially the one with Glenn Beck, not what I was expecting). I have this problem where I get one great idea, go with it for a bit and then get another awesome idea and switch to working on that, and the cycle continues to many things getting started, not so many finished. As an entrepreneur with many ideas, how do you follow through on one project before moving on to the next?