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No. But I take that as none. For Americans, if we set up Observation/Listening Posts with the main mission is not being detected we often had to poop in our MRE bags and carry them back with us.

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Approximately how many MRE bags have you shat into?

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Huh.. never thought about diapers.

Off subject a little bit. But looking back, how many of your actions were influenced by propaganda?

Do you feel disillusioned with war/ geopolitics now? This is something that hit me very hard about 5 or so years after I got out.

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Yeah, I agree with your last point. Imo the terrorists are in the same boat we were, just pawns. They were subjected to equal or better propaganda, and everybody thinks that they are the good guys.

Of course somewhere in their actions, they should be able to see that purposefully taking innocent lives is evil, but again, they think they're the good guys. It just kinda makes me sad that at base level of all conflicts is just manipulated people fighting for what they think is right.

Sorry to word vomit but it seems we've traveled a similar path and I dont have very many people to talk to about this kind of stuff.

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