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TIL weed causes a touch of cancer, but it also donkey kicks it straight back to hell

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That's only part of it though - taxes there also go to strengthen anti trust laws and enforce real fines for violations, which ultimately help the consumer (take a look at airfare or cell/internet prices for example) and keep infrastructure up to date so you can drink the water and drive on the roads

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I have trained in all three and I feel Aikido is useful (when done at a high level) to resolve situations safely -meaning either you can get out of there or subdue an opponent. In my experience it is as important to understand the philosophical and spiritual side of Aikido which helps people feel empowered prior to those situations and can actually give people more control and confidence going in. In terms of practicality, BJJ is of course the most effective for one on one situations or where the attacker is armed, and Muay Thai if there are multiple opponents.

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Yes, Doogie Howser

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I am not trying to say I can fully empathise with your situation, but something that helped me in a different situation was someone pointing out that forgiveness can be viewed as something you do to improve your own health, to fully end the hurting someone else has caused you.