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Hey Gwen,

Since it’s an ama - and I’m all bouts that ui... How did you approach the UX/UI side of your project and what have your learned along the way?

I did so enjoy working with you on Bioshock Infinite, Getting to know you over the years and watching the development of Kine!!! It’s so exciting that you chased your own path and found your platform - your skills and abilities never cease to amaze me!

Congrats on your launch!!!

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Game dev vet here(10yrs 20+AAAtitles): First congrats on your success so far!

The question I have, which you touched on a little in a previous answer, is this: how do you see user experience and interface design impacting your project?

With a game format like your current project, how do you leverage UX/UI to craft your emotional moments and do you have good partners with that experience on your project?

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The best possible response, thank you!

If you ever need an external local with oodles of experience to provide a 'fresh eyes review' feel free to reach out, I'd be happy to!

I wish you and your team all the success in your project and your future! Can't wait to see how it all works out!

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Hello Tony and Flora! I appreciate your taking the time to answer our questions - reading over the thread, it seems you've covered lots of good ground.

My question is specifically about tracking suits (skydiving application) and wanted to ask if that's something you've thought about getting into? I am asking because I fly Phoenix-fly tracking suit now - but I really like what the SS guys have done with theirs. However, If you have something in the wings, so to say - I'd love to see it, perhaps test it and look at what your innovations would be for my currently favorite kind of flying suit (no wingsuits at my local DZ so it's as close as I can get)

I've enjoyed seeing the new brands that are being born out of our sport and have been watching the Squirrel Suits company with great interest. They've crafted up some nice tech and suits, as such, here is a second question - How are the relationships between companies in the industry? I mean, I know that there is natural competition because you are a business, but are there opportunities to get together and discuss safety and design solutions that can become "Standard" in order to help the sport continue to evolve safety standards?

Thanks again for taking the time today and best of luck in China!

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Have you guys seen the movie "Real Genius"?

It's an absolute must watch for you both.

I've followed your project with wild fascination and can't express my absolute support of you both loudly enough.

Not to mention I am eagerly anticipating both your next project and your future developments as you become the men you'll be for the rest of your lives.

I get paid to invent the future for one of the biggest companies in the world... you too can do anything you want. Continue to chase your dreams and let no one stand in the way of what you're wanting to accomplish - not even a mindless high school counselor (mine told me I should just work in fast food. If only he could so me now!).

Stellar work.