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iancurtissghost169 karma

waffle sandwiches? so could i get like a waffle hashbrown patty melt?

iancurtissghost112 karma

oh hell yeah. waffle, then cheese, then hamburger patty, then cheese, then hash browns, then cheese, then waffle. all fried up like a patty melt should be. that would be the Ultimate Waffle House Thing.

iancurtissghost63 karma

how much money have you made from your books in this last year?

iancurtissghost2 karma

For both of you: Besides Wu-Tang Clan, what ain't nuthing ta fuck wit?

iancurtissghost1 karma

an L1 gets a call. an irate customer. the customer threatens to bomb one of your company's facilities. does the call go to you? where do you send it?