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ian_cubed28 karma

How exactly do you know that the guys death was recorded as a COVID death?

I would like to hear the story on how you got that information.

ian_cubed5 karma

this is the big question

ian_cubed3 karma

Why do you think this is?

I have a friend on Facebook claiming that because all these states are on the decline and many don’t have lockdowns, that lockdowns are ineffective

ian_cubed2 karma

I know this. The funny thing is when I point out cases went down 2 weeks after lockdowns take effect he says “correlation does not equal causation’ ://///

ian_cubed-12 karma

My god it blows my fucking mind when people like you think they knows better than literal trained data scientists. Guess what moron, the conservative propaganda you have been consuming doesn’t paint the whole picture. It has CLEARLY been shown that lockdowns do work, by peer reviewed papers.

Idiots like yourself throwing around “OH but this and this!!!11!” dont prove anything but how dumb you are.