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I just want to thank you for doing what most celebrity AMAers don't do, and that's actually answer the tough questions

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Before you traded for Harden, you admitted that Houston as constructed could not win the title because you did not have a "star." Do you view Harden as that Star? Do you feel Parsons, Asik, and Lin are good enough to be the 2, 3, 4 guys on a championship team, or do you think you need another All-Star caliber player to win the big one.

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What is one thing that you think everyone should know/ talk about that isn't being discussed here?

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1- out of all the players you have scouted which one did you right away think this guy is a star 2- who is the nicest guy in the nhl 3- who is the biggest jerk in the nhl

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What would you say is one attainable goal in improving the education system?

I think in many ways the system is broken, and while there are many phenomenal teachers, there are a lot who take advantage of the profession.