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Thank you for what you are doing! The system makes it so hard for ex convicts to make a living and avoid reverting to crime once they are out of prison. You are doing an awesome thing giving these folks a second chance at life. How passionate are the employees? Do you look into what they were in prison for, if so whats some of the common crimes they did time for?

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No, that's a common myth. Again I am not an expert and it's been a while since I learned this stuff, but I believe the lack of pigment (melanin) while causing increased sensitivity to bright light, also decreases the ability to see in low light. There may be other things at play too. I think I remember something about underdevelopment of parts of the eye that reduce the 'scattering' of light in the eyeball, which makes low light so "spread thin" in the eye that they can't see much at all.

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Yep, in different ways for different people, but from what I remember from genetics, usually the macula (part of the retina) does not fully develop, and also lack of light-absorbing pigment in the eye causes over-sensitivity to light.