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Top 5 favorite hot sauces?

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Fears of technological unemployment have been unfounded in the past but do you have other reasons to believe that this won't become a problem going forward? Does libertarianism become less practical the more and more people have no marketable skills?

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I think the article really argues against your point. Just because technology created new/replacement jobs in the past doesn't mean it will continue to do so in the future. The article you cited provides no reason to believe the future will mirror the past...note the use of the word "could" from this sentence in the article "Or, as has happened so far, entirely new economic sectors could come into existence, providing work for future generations." My question was about the hypothetical, what if those new economic sectors don't emerge.

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The 960 world championship hasn't been held in 4+ years but that seems to be due to money and not lack of interest. Would be interesting to see the stats on regular versus 960 games played on chess.com. If it got really boring where the opening repertoire shrank to just a couple openings then that would spur 960 growth. I somehow doubt that Carlsen and Nakamura's relative disregard for opening theory is the start of a trend.

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Are you still technically the chess960 champion? What is the future of chess960 do you think? Would you be happy if all tournaments switched to 960?