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Can you briefly talk about what black tarry stool looks like and how to tell the difference between that and regular color/consistency fluctuation in stool?

Like are talking the poop looks like it was dyed jet black? And what does tarry mean in this context?

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Wow, ok thank you a bunch, this is a great description. I had a GI scare about a year ago that they were able to fix but never clearly diagnose, have been feeling fine for the past 6 months or so, but for the past week I've been having some weird stools, mostly darker than usual. Nothing like this, though! You've taken some stress off my brain.

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Not OP, but I can tell you that the first step to becoming OP would be to get a Phd in Social Psychology. Doing research like this is waaaaaay closer to being a guy in a lab coat who studies rats all day than it is to being a free love sex therapist like Barbara Streisand in Meet the Fockers. It's all statistical analysis of surveys you develop (much more complicated than it may seem) and being incredibly well-versed in current research in the field from fellow statistics nerds. AKA reading dry, academic papers nonstop all the time.

Not saying you can't become familiar with a field like this as a layman, but if you really want to get into it it's going to mean getting the same amount of education as any other scientist with a Phd. Just with the added perk that the thing you're studying is really unique and fascinating to most people.

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Does that . . . does that mean squirrel? There's a Mexican gang called the Squirrels?