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iamkokonutz302 karma

Are there ever times where your sweat is clear? Or less red?

Does stress, diet, sleep, temp, etc have any effect on the depth of the colour?

iamkokonutz80 karma

Have you ever done strict diets, or elimination diets?

Whenever I eat beets, I have a mini freakout that I'm dying the next day.

iamkokonutz21 karma

Yeah. 3 months if you do it everyday. 3 years if you don't save up before you start.

iamkokonutz10 karma

Helicopter pilot for 22 years. Not one single shot fired at me that I know of. If it happened, it would not be a casual situation. Evasive manoeuvres and lots of screaming on the radio that someone was shooting at me would follow.

A guy recently got a 14 year prison sentence for shining lasers at aircraft. Shooting at them I think would be worse.

No metal plates I know of except for on Military helicopters.

iamkokonutz7 karma

Especially helicopters. You finish with 100 hours where planes come out with 250hrs? 300? At 100hrs in a helicopter, you're still green as grass! There is no reason that helicopter pilots shouldn't be doing 250 also, other than the fact that there would be no helicopter pilots because no one could afford it.