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Hey guys we found the guy to trip so we can run away.

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Your not kidding. I'm a recovering alcoholic and just recently had neck surgery. The scariest part to me, were the pain killers. Luckly everything went good and I got off them quickly. I could see how easily it could be to get addicted.

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My GPS would have sent you up to england and then back down to the station .

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now have three years sober.

Congrats !!!! I'm at over 2 1/2 I can't believe how much things have changed.

With me I'm still seeing my therapist so I had a lot of people keeping an eye on me. Plus I'm terrified of them. Before this I didn't even take aspirin. Then add that my dads a first responders and has responded to ODs. Ya I'm fucking really scared of them. I will say there is a lot safer way to deal with the pain. Its just not legalized enough to be useful.

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Can you elaborate on how it works not the tech stuff. Mostly just the sales pitch. Also how dose one volunteer for this and what are the time commitments.