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Very good indeed. But it won't be an autobiography in the usual temporal sense of starting at the beginning and ending shortly before my death! It will be more a series of essays of my life and music in the context of world events and societal changes. But due to other projects, we are probably 2-3 years away from this.

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I usually carried with me an old damaged flute referred to as 'the thrower' and tossed that around in the hope that one of the road crew would always catch it. If it appeared to go into the audience, it must have been that I had unduly sweaty hands that night! Never mind, I expect I can find it on eBay if I look hard enough.

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What? You want the Meghan Markle tell-all version? I'm afraid Martin and I follow the example of our Monarch in diplomatic silence. I never discuss old girlfriends and the very special relationship I have with Martin (and all the previous band members) will remain confidential, treasured, and respected. Happy and fond musical memories. That's the way it should be.

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I would rather like for us to be remembered as a bunch of nice guys who were never inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We have always remained outside of the mainstream and carved a niche separate from other musical genres. Safer, I think, to be out there on the rim of the musical spiral galaxy.

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Broadford is a very small town on the Isle of Skye. When I began my agricultural activities based on Skye in the late 70s, I was asked to judge the Broadford beauty queen contest at the village hall. The song was basically recounting my visit to perform those duties and talks about the evolving economy and tourism in the West Highlands of Scotland. I recorded it shortly afterwards at home in England, but it took a few years to find its way into the real world on record.