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Of course there were. There is substantial evidence. The retail traders are feeling SCORNED. Like....something has to happen.

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What’s your favourite viola piece? Asking as a violist :)

Also, what are your thoughts on the advantages for up and coming musicians who can afford quality hand made instruments, vs those who have to make due with factory assembled instruments? How much advantage does it have?

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I didn’t need any part of my brain removed to be talkative AND have a horrible sense of direction.

But enough about me. If removing those parts of your brain made almost no difference, how?, how much brain needs to be removed to make a definitive personality difference?

Also, how much of your brain was removed % wise?

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I mean the big guys colluded....very obviously

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That is extremely interesting. 90% of the brain and still going strong. How many seizures did you get on a daily basis and when did they start? You mentioned you were an Uber driver, so I am thinking sudden onset?