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My grandma was in Hakka town too! She's 80, so they might actually know each other. Her stories are great.

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Do you think that the problems depicted in documentary are 1) Endemic to the type of people who get voted into these positions or 2) A one of case with McLeroy

i guess I ask because I wanted to know if you believe this problem is resolved (or at least better) with McLeroy no longer in his position, or if you think it will only get worse (or at least have the potential to get worse) from here.


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Many Hakka originated (and my ancestors still own some farmland there) in south china, right across the border from China (think Guangdong / Shen Zhen / Pan Yu area). They migrated down to Hong Kong in the early 1900's.

Edit: Like most Southern Chinese, Hakka speak mostly a cantonese dialect.

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hakka style braised pork belly is one of the greatest things known to man.

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Oh I understand that voters decide who gets on the board. But it's the attention from what McLeroy tried to do that basically got him ousted.

So what I'm saying is, now that there's publicity about what goes on, will whoever is elected act differently from now on (fear of being ousted seems the best, and worst, political motivator)