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You're cute, funny and work in a sex shop. how many creepy PMs have you gotten since you started this AMA?

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really? i find that when I press the button three times quickly, twice slowly, once quickly, twice slowly and then three times quickly, the light changes the instant I'm done. or is this because I was standing pressing a button over and over again for like a minute?

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the gallapagos turtle was apparently absolutely delicious. Darwin tried to bring a lot of them back to england after his voyage, but, allegedly, they were so tasty that he and his crew ate them.

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It's google. I, as well as anyone who knows the wonders that working for google entails, would chop off my left testicle and half my dick to even get the chance to interview for them; of course the people that select who gets a job there will be arrogant. You might as well be the guy who decides who gets to get into heaven, that's a shitton of power to hold over someone, it would go to anyone's head.

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Don't sound so disappointed, in a few decades, a working penis will be the only superpower you'll ever want.