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It really is disgusting that this is in any way controversial. As a retail investor who has been burned a couple of times by short sellers I am incensed that it remains so unregulated.

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The biggest reason is to allow developers to be lazy.

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As a trained scientist I somewhat disagree. The vast majority of non-scientists simply do not understand either science or the scientific method. Many of these do, however, have faith in science. They have seen enough evidence in their lives to trust in science. In this way they are not that different from religious adherents with the one gargantuan distinction: religious belief requires a faith that is not based on any rational consideration of ones entire experience - they must constantly reaffirm their faith in the face of evidence that it is, in fact, misplaced.

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Best answer yet.

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I 100% am in GME because I wanted to screw shorts. I accept that I will lose the money I spent.