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Shitty arrest, probably a shitty cop. As if we need more bad press.

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There have been LOTS of people who have "had a couple beers" or whatever that ultimately get let go. But that's because they aren't so intoxicated that they need to be arrested, not because I feel bad for them... everyone gets the same fair shot at the sobriety tests, etc etc.

I did have some coworkers tell me once they couldn't believe I arrested a particular female because she was so beautiful. I lost a lot of respect for those coworkers that night.

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Hmm, I would have a hard time picking THE funniest. But here's A funny one that comes to mind: a woman I arrested asked me to stop at a drive-through daiquiri place on the way to jail so she could have one more daiquiri. She was completely serious and said she had a tab at this particular place so she didn't even need any money. She tried sliding over to the driver's side of the back seat so she would be by the correct window and everything.

(Yes, we have drive-through daiquiri places in Louisiana. it's crazy.)

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We kind of have that here in LA. Once you hit 0.15 the penalties are worse, and after a 0.20 they are more severe still.

The BAC thing is tough to put into black-and-white standards, though. I've seen people at 0.040 (half the limit) who drive way worse and are way more of a public danger than people at 0.200 (almost triple the limit). Alcohol has different effects on everyone, then adding in what other substances (legal or not, prescribed or not) may be on board... it's tough to have a set of guidelines that just "always work."

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These days, the swerving cars and other ostensibly "obvious" violations end up being people texting. Like a good 90% of the time. But overall, I've had just as many DWIs from equipment violations like tail lights being out as I have moving violations.

Up until a few years ago, my prediction as I approach the car was generally pretty good. Sometimes someone applying makeup or whatever, sometimes just a SHITTY driver, and often a DWI. But now? It's all over the place.