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TL;DR "my balls"

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Bela's documentary is Throw Down Your Heart IMDb, Clip [3:43] (Music starts around 1:00)

Album is wonderful, too.

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What's the best piece of advice you received in your career that you utilized and how did you utilize it?

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Barry, I was listening live during that interview and I loved your deep, weighty question to end the segment. I'm so disappointed Dennis didn't answer and not surprised that Jay and crew turned it into the newest (and greatest!) audio drop on the show. Within a week I heard them use your entire quote at least twice as a legitimate question to wrap up interviews with live, call-in sports guests. For example, Jay throws it to you (as if you are live in-studio) then they play your question AND THE GUEST ANSWERS! Genius! Tell Jay that down the road I'd love to hear a montage of the best answers on the show.

"Don't complicate winning."

Wow and thanks for replying personally to the question. Do you mean that winning should remain a simple formula as a concept or perhaps, as humans, we tend to complicate things with our over-thinking and over-feeling?

EDIT: #jaymohrsports because I'm conditioned to hashtag and eat Bigg's sunflower seeds at all times.

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OP's silence is your confirmation.