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Is there any proof of the examples you gave being anything more than bad luck?

I'd be willing to bet that the number of people who weren't able to vote because they lost their license is statistically insignificant.

Did you consider other reasons why the vote turnout was low? For example, anecdotally, many people of color that I know were going to vote for Obama because he is black. They also weren't thrilled about Clinton. Or Trump. Anecdotally again, many women that I spoke with were eager to vote for Clinton because of her gender.

Is it possible that voter turnout plunged in predominantly black districts because they didn't feel they had a horse in the race, so to speak?

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So... The other 90% didn't vote because...?

Three follow up questions then:

First, how come the examples you use are from the voter failing to do what they should? From not knowing where their license is to not changing their license over as required by law, it seems to be a consistent thing.

Second, if you need an id to drive, buy a firearm, drink, and any number of other things, why does requiring an id make such a big difference for voting?

Third, what is the reproducibility of that study? It's been an ongoing and increasing issue in the scientific community where a study says something, but no one else can reproduce it.

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In fairness, wasn’t the eeoc not doing anything on cases because there weren’t any judges or board members that can make the decisions?

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My response was that there would always be enough quality leadership in the Army

Apparently this has changed since you got out.

Do you focus in any particular industries?

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Follow-up question.

How long is the average hearing?