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i_never_get_mad120 karma

That’s like the most generic answer I’ve heard from a politician, and that bar is pretty low.

i_never_get_mad100 karma

Lol i totally agree. Don’t micromanage the driver. If she’s doing it, let her do it the way she’s comfortable with

i_never_get_mad90 karma

She started it thinking it would go really well, but then she realized she can’t answer a damn question due to lack of expertise and agenda.

She was hoping people would ask about favorite food or favorite dog.

i_never_get_mad49 karma

If I were a shoe designer, I’d be interested in the user experience as well. If something really works well for someone who walks around a lot, it means the product is designed well.

i_never_get_mad34 karma

Wow. Nope.

Most people don’t give a shit about foreign ties, when they are starving. It’s more meaningful to point out how Mitch is affecting their lives.