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How is your Hard Drive ordering done, do you like just call up Seagate and say you want 2,000 Hard Drives or what?

And finally, how are returns of bad/broken drives still in warranty handled?

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Provider: "Okay sir it seems your health care plan is all in order. Now before you sign this document is there anything else you need to tell me that is important?"

Op: "Well every two weeks or so I inject myself with a life threatening deadly venom."

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It's strange to me how your mother reacted and how she told you that your grandmother was senile when you were nine to hide the truth.

Why did she do this? Why all the lies? Why couldn't she just come clean with her now 33 year old son?

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I have stage three cancer. Your recovery gives me hope.

I'll be 26 years old in June.

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What do the driver manufacturers think of your sharing of data with the public? Sometimes you make them look good, other times when reliability is poor quite bad.

Also you have spoken a lot about Enterprise vs Consumer drives. Do you think it annoys them?