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How is your father doing and how is the prognosis ?

Also, Good on you for saving your father.

And Congratulations to your father for having such a great son!.

Hope you both live a happy, healthy and long life.

  • (From your Indian cousin :-).

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You are a porcelain skin beauty.

wtf does this mean ?

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This is why I love Reddit.

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Reasonably good quality healthcare at reasonable prices. (I assume)

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Hi , thanks for doing this AmA.

Last year I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea - 40-50 events per hour. Doctor recommended a CPAP machine which I tried to use for several weeks but I simply was not able to sleep with it on, so I had to return it.

(I should mention I'm overweight and that may be a cause for my apnea so am trying to lose weight.)

What are my options without a CPAP machine ? Are there any exercises or non-CPAP type devices I can use to reduce apnea events ?