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Chinese government here. Did you not read how cool we are? We love fashion, tech, and lots of other things. We want you to enjoy them as well! We simply ask that you don’t use the non-Chinese internet (ours is faster anyway), that you don’t talk trash our sick leaders (they are really smart dudes!), and that you don’t think freely in general! Stick to those few, simple rulez and you’ll be alright, my man.

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I’m curious about this as well. Can a wing suit glider “pull up”?

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Yep, no one likes to talk about this, but if he 1. watches moderate amounts of porn or 2. masturbates regularly, then that's likely the culprit.

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While it's a good option for some, private lenders are typically less flexible with financial hardship as well.

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Right. I’m guessing their wing suits are far less efficient than any fixed wing glider.