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According to Chucks Facebook this is a fraud.The real one will be up soon


EDIT: now his facebook is saying this is real,in true Palahniuk fashion. Bravo

EDIT: im so confused

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What's it like having testicles made of adamantium?

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Thank's for stopping by Frank!

What happens to the thousands of postsecrets that don't get posted?

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Hey Bear, I'm a little late, hope you get around to answering this but I was wondering where you got the inspiration for using All along the watchtower for the cylon song. Was it the plan all along to use 1123 6536 5321 as the coordinates, or did that come up organically?

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I'm at a mechanic waiting for a part to come and I'm afraid it's going to cost me an arm and a leg, any words of encouragement?