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i_eat_catnip759 karma

I have the time but no money. How about you buy me a mansion in the country, I live there and tell you about it every day. That way you get the experience without it affecting your current schedule.

i_eat_catnip150 karma

Is injecting the awesome white creme into the creme filled donuts a manual or automatic process? The reason I ask is because I'm positive the KK nearest to me is skimping out and being cheap bastards. I used to bite an opening in of those donuts, then stick my tongue in there and have at it with giant globs of sugary creamy awesomeness. Now I'm lucky if I get a pimple sized blob, and that's just missing the whole point of going to Krispy Kreme.

i_eat_catnip56 karma

I bet they just go skua skua skua all the time. Assholes.

i_eat_catnip10 karma

And I'm sure they'll need baskets. Glad I have this degree in Underwater Basket Weaving.

i_eat_catnip6 karma

I don't have any questions for you, just wanted to say this is the first time in a gazillion ages that I've spent this much time on any website just browsing and clicking and browsing and clicking. Nice work. Now where's my wallet, I have a ton of shit to buy .... curse you