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i_demand_cats14 karma

Thats probably one of my favorite norse stories! i love how loki is also there as a maid covering for him since he has zero tact and eats like 100 men

i_demand_cats13 karma

So what im hearing is homosexual relationships are fine as long as you can also beat the tar out of everybody else in the village

i_demand_cats2 karma

I never really understood the rationale behind the whole"its a waste of your vote" argument. i refuse to believe that somebody voting for who they truely believe should be the one in office is a waste. this kind of bullshit scaretactic is used by people on both sides of the aisle to make the "big candidate" on their side bigger at the expense of everybody else. i truely believe if everybody voted for what they thought was right instead of what they thought would win we wouldnt be in the dumpster fire of a political situation we're in now