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i_cant_tell_you4 karma

i work as a server in the largest restaurant group in the world. lately there have been changes in personnel among the highest people in the company and they have been making a lot of changes to how each of our restaurants is run. cutting costs has become the most important thing that our restaurant does. we have been moving to more frozen items, gotten rid of our uniform service, cutting hours for everyone who works there, and have had 3 price increases in the past 2 years (we hadn't had any in the previous 3 years).

i like the place i work and used to be proud to work at what i considered to be one of the nicest chain restaurants in the US. now i find it difficult to stand behind some of the decisions that upper and middle management are making. do you have any advice on how to deal with this? or is it just time for me to say good-bye and move on to somewhere else?