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Are we getting another Embrace of the Vampire movie?


I agree with The Winning Side, I LOVE that song. Can you released the unreleased version of It Doesn't Mean A Thing?


haha that guy is hilarious


Hello Mikel,

love the band & your book; I'm a huge fan. It took me a couple of listens to get into the new album but once I did I really enjoy it. Also, my condolences on the loss of your father. I have a few questions for you that I hope you can answer:

After reading the book I see your relationship with your mom is strained & I completely understand why. Do you still talk to her?

I own a majority of TATE's albums on vinyl but I'm wondering, are there any plans to repress the first 2 albums? They're pretty hard to find.

Any future tour plans in the works? Can you stop in St. Louis, MO if it's not already in the planned cities?

Do you think TATE would have existed if you didn't move to California to live with your father & Bonnie?


yep, that's how you know this is BS