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God damn this would be hall of fame material on /r/randomactsofpizza

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Fellow Brit here, thank you for this. A very close relative of mine was considering joining the police but the brief encounters which she has had with them haven't been the most positive, or reassuring. She shares the same beliefs as you that cannabis should be legal and as such she said that she didn't know if she could work with people who seemed so against it.

I said that's precisely what would make her a good officer along with that fact that she's smart, relatable and above all else caring- the public would both respect that and need that. I'll show her this AMA and hope that it might encourage her somewhat.

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Yeah, seriously. These responses are pissing me off. The kids aren't bound to some agreement that they have to support them, and vice versa. They are all adults, why are these people not entitled to live their lives how they want? I hate this idea that not living a "normal" life is somehow wrong and unfair on those around you. Fuck all that, your life is your own so go out and fucking live it because you only get one chance.