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First off, thanks for coming to Harvard and meeting with a bunch of different groups (I was lucky enough to see you three times: in CS 50, in your meeting with the Sports Statistics group last night, and earlier today in Allston). Just some questions:

1) What are you thinking before you go out and give a talk in front of a bunch of people? You’re always so hyped up and energetic throughout, and I’ve always wanted to know what’s going on through your mind (if anything at all).

2) I know a good amount of people that compare you to Mark Cuban. What’s your take on this comparison?

3) What do you think of basketball’s player efficiency rating?

4) Do you know Chris Paul’s twin brother Cliff?

5) Why didn’t you pick my name in the raffle for the Xbox Ones?

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This probably is a response to another question, not mine (just a heads up)

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There could be, haha - I find myself sometimes just going on and on when talking in front of people without really thinking too much (if that makes sense)