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So it would be like every other skit he does.

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How about a patch to make it a nekked female runner?

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  • How do you think being a student has effected your "respectability" within the field of nutrition and fitness?

  • How do you plan on differentiating yourself with so many other researchers?

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I need a double-cheeseburger and hold the lettuce. Don't be frontin' son, no seeds on the bun. We be up in this drive-through order for two, got a craving for a number 9 like my shoe. We need some chicken up in here, up in this rizzle, for rizzle my nizzle extra salt on the frizzle, Dr. Pepper my brother another for your mother, another supersize and don't forget the fries. That high

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What is your end goal with the site? IPO, be bought out by a fitness based website?