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Serious question: How important are the surveys to you all? I always give highly satisfied and mention employees names in it. My local Taco Bell is the best one I've ever been too. I used to travel a lot for work and know a good TB. Anything else I can do to help recognize them?

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Gotcha, I always do that. But feel like I wish I could do more. They are always in a great mood and they always get my order right with all the customization I do. Something I can't say about most Taco Bells I've been too.

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What ever happened to the show, The Riches? It was a great show

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Love your shows....Question...Which type of stand mixer should I get from KitchenAid? I’m so confused with all of them and I want one that’s Babbish approved.

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What do you think are the best products for someone to keep their car clean? I recently picked up this kit

Is this a good kit? Anything else I should be getting?