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i-am-a-computer1 karma

I figured as much with Fukumoto. I wish his works were more popular over here. What sort of sales numbers per volume do you need to have/project in order for a series to become worth it?

i-am-a-computer1 karma

Thanks for all your guy's works. You guys are one of my favorite publishers. I have two questions for you.

What would it take for Fukumoto works to be released in the US? I personally would spend large amounts of money for any of his works, but I'm wondering what I and other fans could do to make it financially viable to bring the series over.

What's your guy's relationship with Vertical? I understand that they're owned by Kodansha so how do you guys divvy licenses? Are they a separate entity and you only talk to them when necessary, or are they more like a team within the Kodansha empire?