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How can I, a middle-aged goth out of touch with the gothling kids these days, purchase one of these shirts to flaunt my old-school goth superiority?

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The more you walk the faster you'll heal. It's a bitch to get in and out of bed and chairs but it gets the anasthetic out of your system faster and the blood circulating will help you heal better.

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It might be another day or two before tie allowed to see him since his immune system is quite suppressed at the moment.

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Anus pumping is all the rage with the cool kids these days. You wanna be cool, right?

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Greetings. Thank you for the AMA. When I was a child I wanted to be an Egyptologist more than anything. I grew up in rural Midwest America in the 1970s and 1980s and nobody had ever heard of Egyptologists. It wasn't until I graduated college with a crappy degree and the Internet came into use that I learned what the correct educational path would have been.

I've never lost the desire but I'm now nearly 50 and it's too late to pursue my childhood dream. What advice or direction could you provide for those wanting to become successful Egyptologists?